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Why people love Nectarina

My little granddaughter was happily eating frozen mango this morning...She called it breakfast candy! C., Chashmonaim
Now that is a fabulous bag!!! Forget Louis Vuitton or Gucci!!! Nectarina beats them all!😁 B., Gush Etzion
My husband looooves your blueberries. he has them straight from the freezer for dessert most evenings [...] best blueberries he's ever had! Nadine, Raanana
The fruit is unbelievable --  for crisps, pies, smoothies -- just use your imagination for wonderful combinations. Miriam, Jerusalem
I have become addicted to frozen lychees.  I am lobbying the Knesset to have lychees classified as a narcotic. Ari, Jerusalem
Thanks for the most delicious shake! OMG, it's amazing!! Pam, Hashmonaim
Thank you for your fantastic service. I don't know how you do it but you sell the best blueberries available in Israel. Yaffa, Jerusalem
Your fruit is awesome and my kids are loving their smoothies!!!!  Thank you! Jennifer, Modiin

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